Working Domains of The Company 

Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt. Ltd. has five different working domains which are as follows: 

Agricultural Chemicals Division: This division of Liebigs deals with the Manufacture and Marketing of a complete range of Agrochemicals (other than pesticides) covering entire life cycle of plants from "Seed to Seed". The company has developed more than a dozen formulations in agricultural chemicals, all of which bear Trade Mark registration.

Organic and Bio-Products Division: Manufacture and marketing of ecofriendly organic manure, vermi-compost as well as organism based biofertilizers and bio pesticides. R & D activities of the company are being further strengthened in this division.

Seed Division: Multiplication and marketing of proven seeds of Indian origin under the brand name 'Liebigs Seeds'. Marketing of imported seeds of vegetables and flowers is another important activity of this Division.

Horticulture and Landscaping Division: Deals with landscape planning, designing, setting and servicing on the one hand and environment management and horticultural maintenance on the other.

Food Processing Unit: In a small scale it is set up as a seeding programme of the Food Processing Division of the company.

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