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Manufacturer of Organic Fertilizer,Pesticides,Growth promoter etc


Landscapping, Gardening etc.

Special Tea Products

Fertilizer, Growth Regulator

"What We Offer"

Top Quality Seeds

Vegetable seeds,Imported Flower Seeds.

30+ Years Experience

We have more than 30 yrs of Experience.

Nursery Division

Cactus, Succulent, Aglaonema, Fruit Plants, Ornamental Plants

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Fastest Work

Just place your order. We'll despatch it within 48 hours.

Top Quality

We have certified laboratories to maintain top quality for 30+ years.

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We strive to keep the price of our products within your budget.

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We are just a phone call away whenever you need us.

What's Our Clients Say

Dr.Mammen Chandy
Director,TATA Medical Centre

We thank M/S Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt Ltd for installing and maintaing the gardens at TMC so that even the staff look forward to coming to work here.

Liebigs Customer

I use Liebigs’s products almost a decade. Liebigs’s products have helped to increase my yield.Also my cost has reduced by 30% to 50%.I am very happy as a customer.

Dr.Suraj Agarwal
Principal of Vidyanagar College

Liebigs always Provide best quality Products..They never compromise with quality.They always provide great quality products with affordable price.

P.K Chowdhury
Ex General Manager

Tea Elixir and Zilet Tea are currently under spraying in our Estate & we are now sure that those have come as a boon to the Industry & will prove hugely beneficial due to the positive properties observed after using those chemicals.

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