CUTTING AID -Rooting Hormone Powder

What is Rooting Hormone Powder ?

Auxin  the hormone present in plant is responsible for formation of Root. It helps to stimulate root growth during propagation of plant.

Selection Of Mother Plants For Cuttings : –

  • Mother Plant should be healthy & disease free.
  • All selected mother plants must be free from all pest & diseases.
  • It should be highly potent and capable of growing fast.

Selection Of plant parts:-

Selection of plant parts  is very important factor to obtain maximum success. It should be identified based desirable species, moderately vigorous, uniform and free from diseases plant parts etc.

Need to be alert that Cutting should be taken a few inches below the terminal bud. Use a straight cut on the top end of the stem, slightly above a bud, and an angled cut at the bottom end, just below a bud. Discard the tip of the shoot. Always take more cuttings than you think you’ll need as they may not all take root.

Have to take sufficient care of the ‘Node’ part of stem as new roots come out mainly from Node part of plant.Use ‘Cutting Aid’ on that node portion to generate more roots from cuttings.




Timing played a vital role for propagation of ornamental plant, especially plant multiplied through cuttings. Here Entrepreneurs should know the characteristics of plants in terms of growth habit like in case of deciduous plant,  cutting should be done, when plants go to resting or Dormancy stage. Evergreen plant can be propagated throughout the year, but most suitable time is rainy season  and try to avoid during winter season. Some plants having white tannin, after cutting a white juice is oozed out from cutting end and that kind of plant is to propagated either in winter or summer season. The plants used for hedge or edge purpose, cutting is to be done any season of the year, because these plants are too much hardy in nature and need less precautions during propagation as compared to other plants.  Generally such types of plants are propagated during pruning and training.

Not all the plants can grow from cuttings. Also all the plants cannot initiate roots from cuttings during anytime of the year. We request you to either consult our expert or some other authority gardening guide to confirm that the plant you want to propagate can grow from cuttings and the suitable time for it to grow such roots from cuttings


Effect of growing media:


The best growing media for cutting is unused coarse and or 50% soil or coco peat +perlite (3:1), but it depend on various species of the plant.  Rooting media should have favorable environment in terms of adequate nutrients, capacity to hold the cuttings, good aeration and proper drainage systems, optimum moisture content, free from toxic substances and free from weed seed, nematode, insect eggs and pathogens, while roots can enlarge and spread properly, as a result , growth of the root takes place normally. Before use of growing media should be sterilized by use of hot water followed  by polythene mulching manually. Another cost effective sterilized method can be taken into consideration of drenching with chemical agent like formaldehyde (formalin : Water=1:10) @ 7.5 lit / square meter area, but there is limitation that no cutting will place up to two week after treatment.

Cuttings will also get benefited from added humidity, bright light and pleasant warm atmosphere.

Dosage & Usage for Liebigs ‘Cutting Aid’: 

Take 3 gm of Cutting Aid & mix with 1 ltr of water.Place all the cuttings on that solution & wait for 10-15 mints.After taking all the cuttings,Just dry the cuttings for 7-8 mints in shady place.Place all the cuttings in sand or light soil ( don’t provide any manure or fertilizer).

List of Plants where roots from Cutting is possible: 

Rose, Blackberry, Lilac, Fig, Raspberry, Trumpet Vine, Garden Phlox, Cardoon, Pasque Flower, Weeping Willow, African Violet, Begonia, Citrus, Chrysanthemum, Croton, Dahlia, Geranium, Impatiens, Cactus, Kalanchoe, Philodendron, Coleus, Hibiscus.

List of the Annual Plants where Cutting Aid ( Rooting Hormone )is applicable:

Rose, Coleus, Trumpets, Ornamental Sages, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Summer Lilac.

List of the Biennial Plants where Cutting Aid( Rooting Hormone ) is applicable:

African Violet, Begonia, Lavender, Geraniums, Hibiscus.

List of the Perennial Plants where Cutting Aid( Rooting Hormone ) is applicable: 

Philodendron, Rhododendron.

List of the Fruit Plants where Cutting Aid( Rooting Hormone ) is applicable: 

Apple, Lemon, Fig, Avocado, Pear, Cherries, Pomegranate, Grapes, Papaya, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries.

List of the Plantation crops where Cutting Aid( Rooting Hormone ) is applicable:


List of the Vegetables where Cutting Aid ( Rooting Hormone ) is applicable: 

Potatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Carrot, Tomatoes



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