What is Organic Farming ?


Organic Farming is a Farming process, where different scientific farming systems are integrated with Organic manures, Plant residues, Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides etc. and completely avoids chemical Fertilizers, chemical pesticides and herbicides in order to improve soil health and soil productivity.


At the same time to produce safe and nutritious food for people and animals and also to stop environmental pollution resulting in good health for all.

Benefits of Organic Farming:


Organic Farming provides long term benefits to people and the environment.

Organic Farming aims to:


  • Increase long term soil fertility.
  • Control pests and diseases without harming the environment.
  • Ensure that water remains clean and safe.
  • Produce most of the inputs needed for organic farming, reducing cost of cultivation.
  • Produce safe and nutritious food for people and animals.
  • Reduce pollution hazards of environment.


Why organic farming is essential for now a days ?


Modern intensive farming causes many problems such as:


  • A portion of Chemical fertilizers and herbicides used are washed from the soil and pollute rivers, lakes and water courses.
  • The prolonged use of chemical fertilizers results in depletion of soil organic matter, low population of beneficial micro organisms and low fertility.
  • Pest and disease control becomes more difficult, as they become resistant to chemical pesticides.
  • The number of natural enemies of pests are decreased and hence it becomes difficult to control the pests.
  • Environment becomes polluted, people suffer due to attack of different diseases.

Organic Farming will help to create pollution free environment and supply safe and nutritious food for people and animals.


How you will determine that the product is organic?



Normally Organic manures and all products derived from organic sources may be taken as organic product. Organism based products like Bio Fertilizers and Bio pesticides are organic.

Products with NPOP ( National programme for organic production ) certificate may be turned as organic without any doubt and it is recognized by all concerned.So when farmers want to  purchase any organic products ,they have to check the mark of   “NPOP” certified.


How Liebigs can help in Organic Farming?


Liebigs Agro Chem Pvt. Ltd. gives special emphasis on production and use of organic products More than 60% of the products are suitable for organic farming of which 19 products have got NPOP certificate. Liebigs arrange Field trials with organic products in farmer’s field to popularize those products and also to show the farmers that they can get more yield with organic products also.

We always help farmers with technical support who wants to practice organic farming.We have more than 300 Distributors and 5 crore Farmers  who are now practicing Organic Farming.



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