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Amrito is water soluble organic fertilizer in the form of granule. It is made out of fermentation of high quality herbs with special granulation technology. Amrito is specifically organic supplement for plants. Amroto contains materials like Amino acid, sufficient NPK, trace elements and nature endogenous hormones and fermentation of high quality of Herbs. It is water soluble and all nutrients can be absorbed fast and directly to plants. Amrito has high effect on disease passivation, eradication and can also establish long term immunity against fungus and germs. It increases resistance to bacterial and Nematomode attacks also. It improves 30%output of field crops. It improves quality of crops. It improves colour and taste of fruits. It releases slowly other fertilizers and soil nutrition and extend the effective period of crop uptake. It enhances ion exchange and water holding capacity of soil and improves soil structure. It reduces nutrient losses. 5-6kg/acre Amrito is needed as Basal fertilizer and amrito can be used as top dressing, flushing,and spraying purpose. It is available in 1kg pack at Market and manual instruction to use it is printed at the back part of packet.

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