August 31, 2017
August 31, 2017


Jaiba Sudha is a unique formulation containing Humic Acid, different growth promoting active ingredients and plant nutrients.

COMPOSITION: Mixture of Humic Acid, & Fulvic Acid along with natural salts and important plant nutrients.

• Encourages more root development.
• Facilitates early establishment of crops.
• Improves soil fertility.
• Ensures rejuvenation after disease or pest attack.
• Improves vegetative growth.
• Encourages profuse flowering.
• Improves quality of Betel leaves.
• Increases yield of all crops.

Jaiba Sudha may be used in all crops like paddy, all types of vegetables, wheat, potato, mustard, groundnut, betelvine etc. It is useful for orchards and floricultural crops also.

• 5 kg per acre.
• Mix 5 kg Jaiba Sudha with 10-15 kg dry soil/neem cake or neembicide and broad cast before plowing.
• Repeat application @ 3 kg per acre is suggested especially for Betel vine vegetables, orchards etc.

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