Panther P.L


Panther PL is prepared of a fungus called Paecilomyces lilacinus.
Characteristics: i) Controls the infection caused by Nematodes in plants & termites in root zone, ii) Can
be used on all food crops like cucumber, brinjal, pepper, tomato, cauliflower, pulses, soybean, cotton,
mustard, potato etc.
Dosage: i) About 10 kg of Panther PL is mixed with 10-15 kg dry soil & can be applied in 1 ha. during final
land preparation, ii) About 10 gm Panther Pl mixed with 1 kg seed & small quantity of rice starch, iii)
About 5 gm Panther PL mixed with 1 lit. of water & sprayed near root zone of plants. 2nd spray is
recommended at an interval of 7 days.
Presentation: 1 kg card board box.

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