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Panther TV is a fungi which is used as bio fungicides. These are used for seed treatment, soil treatment &
foliar application for suppression of disease out of fungal pathogens.
Characteristics: i) It multiplies quickly to exude enzymes along with some poisonous substances like
glyrotoxine, trichodermin etc. which dissolves the cell walls of disease causing fungi & kill them, ii) The
exudent enzymes & other substances further help in germination of seed, healthy growth of crop etc.
Dosage: i) Seed treatment: Mix 5-10 gm Panther TV in a small quantity of rice starch for 1 kg seed, ii)
Seedling treatment: Mix 5 gm of Panther TV & 3 gm Cutting Aid in a lit. of water. Dip uprooted seedlings,
cutting or cut potato tubers or rhizomes for 5-10 mints. in the mixture before planting in field or rooting
medium, iii) Soil treatment: Mix 1 kg Panther TV in 25 kg of cowdung & apply in 1 acre of land during
land preparation, iv) Spray application: Mix 5 kg of Panther TV in 400 lits. Of water for spraying 1 ha. Of
cropped area.
Presentation: 100 gm, 250 gm, & 1 kg card board box.
N.B.: Do not use chemical fungicide along with Panther TV.

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