August 30, 2017
August 30, 2017


Trichoderma viride is fungi which is used as biofungicides. These are used for seed treatment soil treatment and foliar application for suppression of disease caused by fungal pathogens.

Mode of action: applied Trichoderma sp. Has the capacity to multiply quickly and to exude enzymes. Along with some poisonous substances like glyrotoxine, trichodermin etc. which dissolve the cell walls of disease causing fungi and kill them. The exudant enzyme and other substances further help in germination of seed, healthy growth of crops etc.

Uses: These also provide long term natural immunity to crops and soil aganist fungal diseases.

Method of application:

  1. Seed treatment: Mix 5-10 gm Trichoderma in a small quantity of Rice starch for 1 kg seed.
  2. Seedling treatment: Mix 5 gm Trichoderma and 3 gm Cutting Aid in a litre of water. Dip uprooted seedling, cutting or cut potato tubers or rhizomes for 10-15 minute in the mixture before planting in field or rooting medium.
  3. Soil treatment: Mix 1 kg of Panther TV in 25 kg of cowdung and apply in 1 acre of land during land preparation.
  4. Spray application: Mix 5 kg of Panther TV in 400 litres of water for spraying 1 hac. Of cropped area.


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