Tissue Cultured Carnation

Tissue Cultured Carnation

Meticulously chosen and handpicked variety of carnation species produced at laboratory and ready for planting. A short guide:

Carnations can be successfully grown in any type of soil but the soil should be well drained & be in excellent condition. Sandy loam soil is the best soil to use in cultivation process. The ideal soil pH is between 5.5 to 6.25. The optimum EC during vegetative stage is 1.2mS/cm & during generative stage is 1.5 to 1.7 mS/cm.

In initial stages of growth & development, humidity should be maintained at around 80% – 85 %. Whereas at full growth stage it should be 60% – 65%.Hot and humid climate is not suited for Carnation cultivation.

Cyclic lighting from dusk to dawn increases the weight and strength of flower stalk. It requires a lot of light i.e, upto 50000 lux.

It is the major factor that affects the growth and flowering of carnation. Best quality Carnations are produced in area having ideal day & night temperature as 28◦C and 16◦C to 18◦C, respectively.